B&TB + SHL Competition Won: West Shanghai Workers’ Cultural Palace

Dear friends.

We are proud and happy to announce that last year Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects won this competition in which we contributed with our visuals.

This is an international competition to design major mixed-use cultural project in Shanghai, China. The new proposal will provide multiple cultural facilities including a theatre, cinema, art and exhibition spaces, as well as office, sports facilities, commercial space, and a major transport hub all within a new 8 hectare public park.

This competition summarizes all last year´s hard work in our office.

We are always trying to depict a nice story and striving to show possible new architectural landscapes.

It is great when there is a bunch of nice architects that provide you with the creative freedom to do that.

Thanks Chris Hardie, Claudius Lange and all the nice fellows of SHL China,

Happy Chinese New Year!